Your body. Your incredible vehicle that gives you the freedom to move in any way you wish. Dancing, playing, running, jumping, wriggling like a child, an expression of pure unadulterated joy, raw energy coursing through your body. This is soulfood.

On the go fitness pro is the leader in home personal training and they can help you creating a plan that works for you and the goal that you would like to achieve.

Yet for some reason a strange idea has crept into the consciousness of women. The idea that suffering is good, and we must push our bodies to attain health and fitness. But is it working for us? I’m not sure.

It’s great to workout at home or at a fitness center, have a brisk hike up the mountain, a vigorous swim in a dam or a good run on the beach. Intensive exercise feeds your vitality that it leaves you feeling great.

photo-1458312732998-763933ed4896Movement is natural. Yet constantly feeling depleted and in pain after exercise is a sign. Feelings of despondency or resentment around exercise may be an indication something is not working for you. Over-exercise is no longer a myth, there are many studies that have shown the negative effects of overtraining. Whether you need rest, a different form of exercise or you are suffering from an underlying injury, it may be time for a change.

Approaching exercise with harsh determination or competitiveness floods our body with survival hormones. These biochemicals lock down the tissue and burn up your resources, leaving you feeling stiff painful and depleted. Exercising in this state can easily lead to adrenal dysregulation, joint or tissue damage. Ironically tired adrenals are often the cause of weight gain, cortisol deposits build around the midrift. Plus the adrenals steal progesterone from the ovaries to fuel the production of these warrior hormones. The result – depression, exhaustion, hormone issues and low libido. We are not at war.

We don’t need to force our body with any so called health tools. There is no one size fits all. Just as every other living thing, the body craves nourishment through movement, food, relationships and playfulness. Taking time to listen to the body and cultivate our own internal awareness, helps us to discover our innate needs. We build a love for the movements that really work for us. The movements that bring a sense of ease, that help us to stay strong, vital and agile for the rest of our years.

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