Hi. I’m Kheyrne Danu and I have a deep love and fascination for the feminine body and the stories we hold within them.

I feel there is an ancient feminine pulse of life that moves through us all and once we tap into it we can heal old wounds, ignite our vital energy, turn on our true perception and change the story for the next generation.

I grew up with the understanding that if you are sick there are remedies from nature that help you to heal. But even though this has been a fundamental part of my healing journey I still struggled for twenty years with reproductive issues, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and overwhelm. I soon learned that although good nutrition, natural remedies and bodywork are important, everything comes down to our relationship to our body. 

This helped me to realise something that was very hard to digest – that my body was my greatest teacher and that all the suffering I had been experiencing was an internal communication of what wasn’t working for me in my life and the stories of the past that I held inside. 

I spent decades sifting through the layers of childhood wounds and motherline trauma until I began to feel the subtle difference between all the stories inside my body, and the voice of my innate discernment. Looking out from this space I saw that it wasn’t so much my body or my mind that had been broken, it was the current beliefs held by our mechanistic society, beliefs that encourage us to override the emotional truth of each experience. This emotional truth is part of the innate feminine element of life. 

I soon discovered ancient feminine practical and sacred gifts that have been hidden from us for generations. I discovered that there was no separation between our emotional state, hormonal state, sexual energy and inner child. I learned that my body is sacred and that pregnancy, birth and postpartum are profound rites of passage for women and should be honored and supported as such. I learned that motherhood was a gift that woke up a love, strength and grace I didn’t know were possible.


My work has always revolved around the body and our relationship to it. I spent years teaching within the creative and nourishing world of belly dance. Then later trained as a kundalini yoga teacher and eventually dived into massage and bodywork. Pregnancy seemed to be a common theme and after attending three births in my early twenties I felt honored to eventually train as a doula. My passion for researching natural hormone wellness opened a door into the crazy world of health journalism. This turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to glean deeper evidence-based scientific knowledge around women’s wellness and the latest understanding of hormones (thanks to many Functional Medicine seminars).

Kheyrne is currently working on more online content for conscious conception, prenatal and womb intelligence support.


We are here to learn, love, create and thrive.

I feel the honesty of each experience is recorded in our cells along with the stories of our ancestors. I feel that loving, somatic work can bring deep gentle healing and truth to our consciousness allowing us to become present to the grace of the moment.

“Cultivating a loving reverence towards the body can allow the sagacity of life to move through us, nourishing the body and fueling the heart.”

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