Hi. I’m Kheyrne Danu and I have a deep love and fascination for the feminine body and the stories, current and ancestral, that we hold within them. I am a woman, a mother, a writer, speaker, and facilitator.

I feel there is an ancient feminine pulse that moves through us all and once invited it can heal old wounds, awaken our vital energy, turn on our honest perception, and change the story for the next generation.

Even though I grew up with herbalism and homeopathy as my medicine I still spent decades struggling with many health challenges. My twenties and thirties were a rollercoaster ride of hormone imbalances, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, gut issues, mood swings, and a general sense of not being able to trust my body. As I met the true natural health experts and began my healing journey I learnt that my body wasn’t trying to make my life difficult, it was simply telling me where it needed support. I soon learnt that the hormone wisdom I was accumulating was far from common knowledge and the Women’s Hormone Wisdom Workshops were born.

Later I studied somatic nervous system work and learned that all health issues start with relationship. Our relationship to our body, to our innate selves, to the sacred, to our community, to our environment, and to the Earth are at the core of our wellbeing.

Over the decades I have been blessed to learn traditional feminine practices and sacred gifts that were removed from Western cultures many generations back. Having my daughter taught me that motherhood was a gift that woke up a love, strength, playfulness and grace in me that I didn’t know was possible.


Studies – Functional Medicine trainings in hormone and gut health. Somatic Embodiment Certification (Linda Thai). Massage therapy. Integrated Bodywork. Reiki (Hong Kong). Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Foundations of Breathwork (Jacques Theron). Dragon Tears sacred movement (Lujan Matus). Munay-Ki shamanic nine rites (Carol George), Higher Heart Meditation (Fiona Almeleh). Mama Bamba Doula Certification (Robyn Sheldon). Helping Babies Breathe (Ruth Ehrhardt). Oracle Spiral (Cathy Coyle). The thirteenth womb rite (Jani Stein).

Today I practice as a Women’s Sovereign Wellness and Somatic Embodiment Practitioner and I also specialise in prenatal and postpartum support I support women in not just feeling at home in their bodies, but how to work with the body as a profound navigational guide. 

This work involves:

  • Illuminating the wonders of your feminine body and your monocycle.
  • Claiming your sovereignty in health and learning the wisdom and tools to nourish your hormones, womb, vagina’s, pelvic floor, breasts and general wellbeing.
  • Working with the nervous system and through somatics to release survival patterns, lineage stories and societal imprints.
  • Learning how to work with your nervous system as the intelligent barometer to navigate the world.
  • Working with your senses and somatic tools to attain daily embodiment, giving you access to your healthy boundaries, instincts and intuition and helping you discover what really turns you on in life.
  • Inviting the stories of your ancestral line and inner child to reveal themselves, healing the trauma’s and gleaning the gifts.
  • Activating embodied discernment and deepening your innate feminine awareness.
  • Exploring your own unique relationship to the Earth and the healing that she brings.


Running around the beach with my daughter, laughing with my friends, and immersing myself in nature completely light me up. Dance, continuum movemment, qigong, animal flow and of course my Womb Way yoni egg practice are all such deep nourishment. I crave creativity, especially practical creativity, I want to learn how to make everything from scratch. I am passionate about self-sustainability; how to grow my own food, wild foraging, making my own clothes, making ceramic pots and building natural homes, to name but a few.


“Cultivating a loving reverence towards the body can allow the sagacity of life to move through us, nourishing the body and fuelling the heart.”

Images by Ayeh Khalatbari

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