Prenatal Support

Pregnancy is one of the most profound journeys of a woman’s life. Not only does she get to witness her body growing an entire human being but she goes through radical changes within herself. These changes prepare her for motherhood, but unless we understand what is going on with our hormones and neurology these changes can be frustrating and ever overwhelming. In this work we access a beautiful way to navigate pregnancy and set up an empowered birth.

This is a space for you to glean the wisdom and tools to experience an empowered pregnancy, birth or postpartum. Whether  you are needing support with the symptoms of pregnancy, wanting to create an empowered birth plan, needing support with your postpartum healing journey, or learning how to read your babies needs. 

“I didn’t plan on becoming a prenatal and postnatal coach, I simply fell in love with supporting mothers.” 

Kheyrne Danu

Are you wanting support with:

  • Creating an empowered pregnancy and birth experience?
  • Physical, nutritional and emotional needs and changes during pregnancy?
  • What experiences are normal during pregnancy and how to support them?
  • Choosing the best birth team?
  • Healing past birth experiences and clearing lineage patterns that could inhibit a healthy birth.
  • Inner child work to help prepare your emotional abilities to birth and parent in your power.
  • Learning what to ask your birth workers to ensure your needs and your babies needs are met?
  • Navigating the birth world including understanding the medical options available during pregnancy and birth, what the possible outcomes are an how to choose whats best for you?
  • Labor exercises and support tools?
  • How to set healthy boundaries and create a birth environment needed to allow physiological birth?
  • How to prevent preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and other common pregnancy issues?
  • How to include your partner in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey?
  • Creating a postpartum plan?

What’s included in your sessions:

  • Expansive prenatal and birth education and support notes including evidence-based research emailed after each session.
  • Debunking outdated beliefs such as size of baby, due dates, size of your hips, etc.
  • Exploration of you and your partners core values in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  • Exploration of you and your partners experience of being parented and what you need to feel loved and appreciated. How to communicate when you are at your limit and explorations of each partners expectations and needs when it comes to babies care and domestic labour.
  • Education on how your nervous system affects birth, identifying your triggers and learning how to work with them. Plus support in learning how to expand your window of capacity and use this in birth as well as teaching your partner how to coregulate for you during birth.
  • Education in matrescence, how it is a birth of a new you, what happens to your hormones and neurology postpartum, what your needs will include and what babies needs will be. Support in creating a postpartum plan.
  • Education on your new little beings vulnerable experience of this world, what their innate needs are and how to support them.
  • Referrals to the best prenatal and postpartum professionals such as osteopaths, lactation therapists, integrative doctors, midwives, doulas and additional resources.


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