Women’s Holistic Hormone Support

Once we understand the language of our hormones and mooncycle we are able to work with our biological wisdom. Our hormones are not trying to make our lives difficult, they are attempting to tell us what needs support and healing.

Sadly today we are dealing with an onslaught of chemical, emotional and stress induced hormone disorders, all of which can be reversed with the correct response.

In this work we debunk menstrual misinformation and shift the narrative of women’s cycles from being a debilitating, emotional nuisance to a powerful navigational tool.

Our bodies are constantly informing us. They tell us how our internal and external world is affecting us through subtle, and later not so subtle messages. A woman’s mooncycle is a profound process used to bring layers of wisdom to our awareness each month. It’s a spiral path that feeds our ever-evolving existence. 


  • Hormonal issues?
  • Mood swings?
  • Irregularity, pain or debilitation in your cycle?
  • PCOS?
  • Endometriosis?
  • Weight gain?
  • Binge eating?
  • Everything changing since you had children?
  • Fatigue or anxiety?

We can repair and replenish the body, it just takes the right tools.

In this work we look at the nature of your menstrual cycle, what causes reproductive imbalances and how to heal them, and how to use your cycle as your biological time and energy management system. We work with a woman’s physiological needs, nutrition, herbs, supplements, somatic embodiment, movement, the breath and boundaries. And we work with your relationship to your body, to being a woman, to being a mother, to being a partner, to your family, your friends and your work, it all plays a role.

Dolor Amet

This work is for

The woman who wants to feel at home in her body.

The woman who wants to claim her health sovereignty.

The woman who wants to step out of survival mode.

The woman who wants to understand her body.

The woman who wants to be free of unhealthy imprints and beliefs.

The woman who wants to know how to truly take care of her body.

The woman who wants to ignite her feminine strengths.

And the woman who wants to access her body wisdom.


“Kheyrne’s work and way of guidance is truly mind blowing.  She not only knows just about everything under the sun regarding hormones (which is a bonus as it’s always great educational lesson) but she also knows the breath and has a deep understanding with how to work with it, she transfers that wisdom straight to her clients. Kheyrne is such an interesting lady with a variety of different offerings & also has a way of making you feel extremely comfortable, like you’re just chatting to a really good friend.”


“Thanks so much for the incredible session we had together. You inspired and aided in the activation of some forgotten strengths and spaces within me. I’ve been practicing what you shared with me and it helps so much 🙂 Ive been allot calmer since seeing you and I loved the way you explained how the nervous system works with the body, its helped me respect it and honour the tools I’ve learnt along the way to stay calm , centred and not be so triggered.” 



Work With Me

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