Ignite Your Body Wisdom


Today old wisdoms are re-emerging in new clothes. Women are change makers, truth seekers, lovers, mothers and connectors and we thrive on transformation.

We are remembering that power is grace and life is passion and that true wisdom comes from deep within our sacred wombs.

WomanThrive is a space for you to explore your deep sense of self and your relationship to your body.

Here we cultivate an honest understanding of our innate feminine make up and what women and mothers really need. We discover support within the ancient feminine arts, get practical with somatic embodiment and natural health tools, as well as reignite the importance of sisterhood.


Hi there, I’m Kheyrne


Hi. I’m Kheyrne Danu and I have a deep love and fascination for the feminine body and the stories, current and ancestral, that we hold within them. I am a woman, a mother, a writer, speaker, and facilitator.






Deep Dive

We dive into the unconventional elements of a woman’s world and explore the things that are rarely discussed but really want to be, the things that we commonly experience but we don’t know the words for. Inviting curiosity into this feminine realm allows our senses to wake up and our sexual energy, once tabooed, to reclaim its true place as our vitality.

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