Emotional discord can easily lead to physical discord.It can manifest from a belief, a judgment, a bombardment, a fear, ignoring our intuition, a trauma or a lack of love.

When we are unable to assimilate beliefs and experiences we deal with them by filing them away in pockets of our minds and our bodies.  The result is broken communication within the body, creating a build buycbdproducts of stagnation.

Where there is no flow, there is no life.  So how do we do little things to change this fragmentation?

Bring in the opposite: flow.  What is flow?

Flow is life: true, unadulterated, wildness of the mystery.  All wild nature holds the truth of flow, all forms of movement that are unrestricted, surfing, running in the mountains, dancing freely, walking in nature and swimming in nature.  Simply being still and allowing the motion of nature to move through us, literally permeates every cell of our being with vibrant life force.

Rather than hiding indoors, embrace the wind, embrace the rain, embrace the snow, and embrace the sun.  All music, poetry and all other forms of creative expression that come from the heart, express unrestricted, truth of life.  By engaging with any of these you are breaking down the internal walls and igniting the flow of life within you, once again.

Embracing the external wildness of the mystery allows that to mirror internally.  We have been brought up in a world where anything out of the ordinary is bad.   Everything must be a certain way and have its place in its little box.  It is frowned upon to be peculiar in anyway, it isn’t comfortable for the norm.

If there is an eccentric, quirky, deep, abstract or whacky part of our being that wants to express itself, this is the easiest way to  enlivened the life running through our veins.  Through letting this truth surface, we feel our uniqueness and allow ourselves one step closer to understanding our purpose in this world.

When we deny this part of ourselves we deny the beauty of spontaneity and unexpected moments.  Joy only comes through the unexpected.  If everything is perfectly laid out in our reality, no change at all, we fall into the rut of the hamster wheel, a one-way track to depression, despondency and illness.  Often a sense of anger and frustration, is our soul trying to stir us up to break free of the mould.

Find a song that really moves you and realize how unique it is, it cannot be put in a box, let yourself become lost in the world the song shares with you.

Allow yourself the freedom to be spontaneous in all those moments that you feel the bubbles of enthusiastic joy wanting to escape and express something unique into the world.

Enjoy playing for the rest of your life!

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