What is trust?  It is a sense of feeling safe, of leaning into something.

So what happens when we trust something that we do not really understand, that we cannot measure and rationalize with our logical minds?

This sense of deep trust holds the real magic in life.  It is the place that brings unexpected, joyful gifts, it is the place where we have access to a wisdom far and beyond any book, it is the place where our heart and soul reside. To truly trust, is freedom.

So how do we do this? … Start with something simple.  How about trusting in your body? It is consistently with you throughout your life and it is the only thing that is actually yours, so it seems like a good place to begin.

XE3TAOR8NFBut what does trusting the body mean?  Surely we understand the body, it’s physical, it’s logical, medicine has analyzed every millimeter of it, so there is nothing we don’t understand about the body, is there? In the last few decades science has finally realized the importance of hormones and the microbiome, but they are still observed through mechanical eyes. Maybe there is something more.

What if life moved through us like a fountain? That each of us had a unique experience of our environment, stress and emotions? And the body was a barometer that could give us feedback to these experiences to help us navigate the world?

So how would we listen to and trust our body?

The key is in the pause.  Listening to our perception is about receiving instead of grasping.

No matter what we are taking in, there is always a subtle sensation within our body, sometimes it doesn’t even feel physical, but there is some kind of an experience.  All we have to do is get a sense of whether this is an invitation or a decline.  When we start understanding the information we are feeling, everything begins to change, our choice of foods, our choice of agreements, our whole way of conducting life becomes more and more fine-tuned.

The truth is always in the silence, the non-action, the out breath, and the simple pause.  Simple? Yes, but easy? No. Most of us were taught that subtle sensations are an illusion, only science knows the truth. Thankfully great minds like Rupert Sheldrake would beg to differ.

We were also programmed that being still meant being lazy, flooding most of us with a sense of guilt if we take a moment. But quite the opposite is true. If we give ourselves those moments we become highly skilled navigators that avoid getting caught in the fluff. There is no rush, we are not going to miss out on life if we stop, but we will certainly miss out on life if we don’t.

In every moment there is a story.  It is up to us, to create the space to for it to speak, and if we listen we can discover a whole new level of truth and beauty!

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