The Taoist story of the jade egg practice came my way many years ago, but nothing about it called me. It complicated and heady. I just didn’t have a sense that this practice was really for me. That was until I had a very interesting conversation with Juliet Terblanche of Yoni Eggs South Africa.

Jade eggs were first used by the women of the royal courts in China 5,000 years ago. Even by the Empress herself. In those days women didn’t pass their knowledge on through the written word, they passed it on verbally, which means we don’t really know what techniques these ladies were using. I decided to dive into my own jade egg practice drawing on the culmination of belly dance, qigong, continuum movement and the many internal explorations of motion I have explored over the last two decades. The results have been fascinating.

I soon discovered the jade egg is the perfect tool for exploring ones internal feminine realm. It’s easy move your awareness between the structural needs of the body all the way to the subtle energies.


My body thoroughly enjoys having a physical tool to work with. It’s been most enjoyable to apply my movement skills and discover ways of activating, releasing, massaging and mastering my pelvic floor muscles. It’s invigorating to say the least. There is no question that working with the jade egg is one of the best health practices for a woman. Not only will it be life changing for postpartum healing but it is one of the best tools for preventing a prolapsed uterus. In todays world it’s so easy to forget the pelvis is the basin of the body. It is made up of the muscles that hold all our organs inside. The pelvic floor is also the crucial link between the torso and the legs as well as holding the balance between the sacrum, pubic bone and both hip joints. Through increased internal communication I can feel how this practice increases the information that travels to my legs, buttocks and lower back and with that the ability to increase strength, space and alignment through body. The stimulation of blood flow to this area triggers a cascade of vitality hormone production. If you want to rediscover your libido, this is how!


There are a few amazing energetic dynamics that begin to ignite the more you work with the egg. Firstly you are activating your core sexual energy, as the pelvis wakes up you soon feel the strong surge of energy building and flowing throughout the body, and you can also use enhancing sexual products from my aphrodisiacs site to improve even more this energy in each person. The root chakra is now turned on and anchored; a strong flow between the Earth and your womb becomes quite tangible. It becomes easy to feel a sense of expansion, of internal space as if all your organs and fluid systems are taking full breaths.


The jade egg stimulates cellular memory locked inside the vaginal tissue. Any sexual or emotional trauma around our womanness is stored within the tissue of your vagina, womb and ovaries. I had a long period in my life where I felt physically numb and disconnected within my vagina. This had a lot to do with various discordant sexual experiences including my own relationship to my body and my femaleness. It was a difficult and lonely journey working through anger, self judgement, feelings of disgust and dirtiness and of course learning about my own sovereignty. As soon as I chose to look at the feminine on a greater scale, I began to forgive myself, learn my innate boundaries and build my self worth. It was a long and difficult journey and having a beautiful partner has helped with the last parts of the healing, but there was still some residual sadness deeply hidden within my feminine organs. Working with the egg has really helped to gently invite the last part of the trauma to heal and release. There have been moments when intense emotions have bubbled to the surface only to continue moving through and out as quickly as they arrived. I have also experienced surges of enthusiastic energy spiraling through me with wild abandon. I can’t speak for other women; we are all unique and therefore our experiences will always be our own.


The jade egg helps to activate my sense of internal sacredness. As soon as my sexual energy is ignited by the egg I feel a current connecting my womb to the earth, to my heart and to the greater consciousness . It brings a sense of unity and heart centeredness. It makes sense to me that women of many cultures may have used various stones and other elements internally during sacred practice to amplify a deep universal connection.


I am honestly excited to share this work with other women. It really feels like a secret tool that makes the world of difference to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.


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