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Finding the Energy to Heal

6ed473e708de498873e477491abcc987Health challenges like adrenal fatigue, autoimmune diseases and cancer are increasing by the day. The messages screaming from our bodies are loud and clear. It’s time to lift the veil of naivety and take a good hard look at the cause and effect of life as we know it. For some, the fall happens so fast, it is hard to know what happened.

Hitting the bottom of the barrel is excruciating and freeing in the same moment. It is a dichotomy, but the relief floods in when one realizes the only way left to go is up.

This is the moment when you need to look beyond your programming, beyond your belief systems, beyond your past experiences and beyond your fear. This is the moment when you can choose to access something that very few are given the opportunity to experience. Plunge deep into the core of your being and summon the strength you didn’t know you had. That part of you that is unaffected by exhaustion, impact or trauma; a force that cannot be squashed, extinguished, damaged or taken away. It is the part of you that is driven by the pulse of life itself. This part of you that is not invited to the general party of day-to-day life, but in moments of your deepest passion or your greatest need, you suddenly remember how to access it, even if it’s for the first time in your life. This is your opportunity to reconnect yourself with that that brings a sense of completeness and purpose to your life.

The key is consistency.

Every day, putting that little bit of effort into your life. That little bit of nurturing, that is going to slowly but surely take you up the hill. That little bit of quiet time that will bring you back to that essence, and give you space to throw out the trash. That little bit of creativity; moving to a beautiful song, humming a little tune, whatever your fancy in the moment. That time connecting with whatever nature you can find; talking to a flower, leaning on a tree, breathing the life that nature holds, reminding you of your own perpetual glow, as it gently weaves its way back to the surface.

Take the time to absorb the joy of a child laughing or a puppy playing; true, un-obscured joy, that spills over into this world with free abandon; take it in, remember what that feels like. Look into a loved ones eyes, see the mirror of yourself, and remember your beauty. Pay attention to your home; clean it, clear out unnecessary stuff, give things away, create space, space for healing, space for breathing, space for being, your own, true, beautiful you. Grow a veggie garden; let the miracle of life feed your soul with each meal. Be grateful for all these simple pieces of magic that make up life, that hold life, that express life. They are here for you to absorb and enjoy, each one assisting you on that gentle ride back up the hill to the center of your being; your essence that is the mirror of all life.

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