We are beings…beings of this Earth.  This Earth has a very clear structure, a rhythm that is much like a breath.  There is inhalation and exhalation of night and day, of the lunar waxing and waning, of the seasons, and a multiplicity of other cycles.  We are part of this LOl Earth breath, the rhythm pulses within us. Yet we have grown up in an environment that holds a wall of rigidity between us and our innate rhythm.  So where can we turn?  To the only two reference points that hold the signature of truth….nature and our own body’s.

I carried a state of frustration within my being from the age of 14, from the very first day of my lunar cycle.  This frustration swayed from mild irritability to outright rage throughout my life.  Why?  Because I have always deeply known that something important was missing from the way I had been taught to do life.  As I began to uncover the well hidden truths, I finally started to understand my anger stemmed from this programming of  disconnect.  My body was screaming, “How dare we be spoon-fed lies! How dare our right to exist, as an innate female of this Earth be confiscated and hidden away behind medieval mindsets!”

We all have a right to thrive and so does the Earth.

Why is the Earth Rhythm Important?

It holds the key to our sense of belonging, our sense of connection, our sense of wellbeing and our sense of creative flow.  We are designed to feel inspiration, and allow it to gently grow and evolve inside of us, to bring it out into the light and then share it with the world when it is ready to flourish.  Then we rest, allow ourselves buycbdproducts integrate the league of legends experience and bask in the stillness of the moment.  After a while we begin again, inspiration strikes and the cycle unfolds.

Yet most of us don’t live like this.

Most of us live under forced production and survival responsibilities.  There is no space nor time for the fundamentally important aspects of life – stillness, connection, laughter, creativity, fluid expression, being present for each moment, savoring special moments of spontaneity and joy.  With pressure and fear we don’t have space to live, we simply exist.


So where do we begin?  How do we come back to ourselves, how do we come home?

Make time.  Time to listen to the body, time in nature.

Grow organic food, even a few sprouts.

Walk barefoot on the grass or sand.

Take time to really listen when our loved ones, feel them in our hearts.

Take time to feel the elements, the sun and wind upon our faces. Listen to the trees, rivers bubbling and the ocean lapping.

Take time to feel your breath.

Take time to say hello to our body at the beginning of each day, https://buycbdproducts.com how the body wants, moving how the body wants and playing how the body wants.

Take time to feel what we really want to eat.

Listen to your body rhythm, rest when it needs rest, move when it needs movement.

Pay attention to life and it will fill you with wonders beyond your imagination…..

In the evening take a moment at dusk to review the day, allow all the babble to fall away and feel those moments of gold that were your soul gift for this day.

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