Women are deeply complex creatures to say the least. They can straddle and travel a multiplicity of streams, sometimes too many. Today, either by choice or by necessity, women are easily losing themselves in the multitiered vigilance of life. To reignite the feminine fire takes a moment of healthy surrender into her sensuality, either through creative expression, jade egg practice or making love.

To intimately connect with your beloved woman starts with an invitation from her to pass through her gateways of sensuality. Neither need, nor will, nor demand can bulldoze her gates open. They succumb, layer by layer when she feels completely enveloped by your honest heart. When your are present, when you hold her completely, she can surrender into her depth, taking you with her on a journey you may not have known was possible. The more stressed or exhausted she is, the more caring and strength is needed to entice her to simply surrender.

  • Orgasm is easy: Most of us can orgasm alone. But making love is about both of you. Entwined, you are free to dive into a world far away from the heavy responsibilities of life. A world filled with the subtle delicious nectar of life.
  • A woman needs to be seen: Her beauty, her passion, her exquisite potency, her softness, her wildness, her vulnerability, her complexities all need to be seen and loved. When she feels seen she can open up and share her passion, beauty and playfulness.
  • Invite her into your warmth: There is nothing sexier than a man who expresses his heart through his body. There is nothing better than being able to melt into the warm, safe, strong, loving presence of your partner. A presence void of expectation.
  • Calm her mind: Turn off the vigilance centre in her brain through touch. Quiet her thoughts. It’s ok, this moment… this moment is ours to enjoy. Let the world just melt away.
  • Her whole body is an erogenous zone: The more layers you turn on, the more awesome the journey. Light touch and soft kisses on her neck, her spine, her sacrum, the inside of her arms, her belly, just inside her hips, her waist, inside her ankles, the back of her knees, the back of her thighs, the inside of her thighs; explore them all. When her whole body is turned on, you have coaxed her out of her head and and into her body, just where you want her to be.
  • Her obvious places: When she is clearly alight, enjoy exploring her breasts, clitoris and g-spot as if you are discovering them for the first time: the most exquisite flowers in the garden. They invite you in, they share their gifts with you. Appreciating her womanness will ignite her gift to you.
  • Find her rhythm: It’s all about rhythm. Our rhythm changes as our mood changes, if you are out of synch, she is no longer with you. When you align, you can create the most beautiful exploration into places not yet discovered.

Sex fades in committed partnership when respect, appreciation and loving reverence fall away. As Bruce Lipton emphasizes in the Honeymoon Effect, our first connections are usually a dopamine-based excitement of new experience. But if the connection doesn’t shift to one of love and bonding based oxytocin, sex just becomes a habitual expression, an addictive need, an itch to scratch, rather than true connection. Reading free erotic fiction online on the other hand holds the key to the best sex of your life! If you are not meeting your partners sexual needs and are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, visit an ED Clinic. Check out sites like https://www.armidaho.com/erectile-dysfunction/ to find more details.

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