Our health relies heavily on our beliefs and I’m not talking about faith healing; I’m talking about the beliefs that surround physical regeneration. Most of us were imprinted with the concept that we need to fight viruses, we need to fight bacteria’s and we need to fight cancer, and of course there are moments that this may be necessary, but if we kill everything what is the result? Death. The thoughts we have about ourselves will give us an idea of our abilities, but by visiting clevescene.com/ we will forge that strong, robust and solid body that we have all always wanted.

Medical records don’t say if someone died from an immune system collapse, cellular failure or loss of will to live. Just as peace can never come from war, health cannot prevail when the focus is killing.

How about we question why these states of disease take hold in the first place? Yes there are many pathogenic substances that exist and we do need to keep them in check, but we have a deeply intelligent internal defense mechanism that eliminates pathogens, as long as it is functioning well. As long as we help it to function well.

You don’t need to be in the Rocky movie as a stunt double to take (in this case) the hits of a bad diet and a poor healthy routine, better take hydration therapy Scottsdale as a life coach (in this case as a method), stop fighting, life is simpler than you think.

Bacteria Power

Current medicines, such as antibiotics, not only destroy pathogens, they also take out your good bacteria – the bulk of your immune system. Therefore we are attacking the invaders and our defense system at the same time! In the past we thought a quick dose of acidophilus and bifidophilus would correct the problem, but the microbiome is far more complex than that. Visit www.progressivemedicalcenter.com/therapy-bioidentical-horomones/ for additional information and guidance.

We have as many bacteria in our body as we do cells making our friendly bacteria the first major facet of our defense system. The intelligence of which is far superior to any medicine that we have conjured up in the last century.  Our greatest defense against nasty’s is nourishing our innate defense system.

In fact our microbiome can change its molecular structure and DNA coding within 20 minutes of encountering a new invader. It takes humans a minimum of one generation to make changes within our cellular DNA. Even though it is strong enough to take out just about any natural pathogen, it is impaired by almost all pharmaceutical drugs, stress, contraceptive hormones, HRT and junk food. Just one meal of processed food can change the nature of the microbiome from good bacteria dominant to pathogenic dominant overnight! Therefore our choices each day can impact our long term state of health. The good news is if we put 80% awesome, microbiome feeding nutrients into our bodies, we can build up a strong enough defense to clear out any pathogens or indulgent foods the rest of the time.

By shifting our mental state from killing to nourishing we can diffuse a huge weight of worry that most of us carry for our health and the health of our children. Lets leave the big guns for emergencies and start feeding the good guys …

Dampening our Defense

  • Stress. What happens in our body when we think about fighting? Our nervous system flares up, our adrenals pump emergency hormones and our microbiome becomes compromised. Therefore even the idea of fighting for our health or needing to be in control is going to hinder our innate ability to process the world physically, mentally and emotionally. Stress hampers our immune system. Yes sometimes stress is necessary to avoid a car that is hurtling towards you at 100km’s per hour, or some other lifesaving act, but the rest of the time the only outcome of stress is supressed health.
  • Junk food. Yes I know, it can be ever so deliciously addictive, but it sucks. In fact it the suckiest part is the reality that it isn’t actually food, it’s a bunch of mutated chemicals that are made to look like food, but they just aren’t.
  • Caesarian births. If for some reason (usually a scalpel happy doctor) you can out of the ‘sunroof’, you unfortunately missed the most important part of immune system formation, you didn’t get the probiotics that were waiting to dive into your gut while you were on your way out of your mothers tunnel of joy. And of course for some people caesareans’ are lifesaving. Thankfully today giving caesarean babies a vaginal swab is becoming more known and is one of the greatest gifts a doctor can offer.
  • Vaccines. Yes, the most controversial topic under the sun! The reality is that most vaccines today are filled with serious nasty’s that have absolutely no human rite to be there, such as aluminium, mercury and a whole host of cells derived from other animals, the purpose of which is completely null and void. One thing we do know is that these vaccines do a fantastic job of destroying our microbiome and on top of that they can easily impair our nervous system and hormonal system. I don’t deny that in the old days when we made real vaccines they did save lives; but today, I personally would only opt for the homeopathic version.
  • Alcohol. Sorry peeps, red wine may be filled with resveratrol, but the sugar from alcoholic beverages outweighs the pros, unless you have managed to get hold of a rare bottle of wild fermented organic wine.
  • Environmental chemicals. There have been many books published on the catastrophe of environmental chemicals; Silent Spring, The Feminisation of Nature and Detox or Die to name but a few. In a nutshell pesticides were made from Agent Orange, a neurotoxin created to kill off the enemy during WWII. This is now sprayed on our food and we think it isn’t going to affect us. Not exactly an intelligent conclusion. Unfortunately to make lots of money at the expense of our health, petrochemical by-products’ are the main ingredients in all our body products, clothes, cleaning products, plastics, water and baby products. A bit depressing but easily avoidable if you stick to natural everything.
  • Antibiotics and medication. Anti-anything is going to kill your probiotics: anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, you name it if it’s a drug it will most likely nuke your sensitive internal flora. Of course if you have a life threatening bacterial meningitis, this is a good time to pull out the antibiotic ammunition, and if you haven’t used them much they will work like a bomb! Oh not only is your tap water full of the highly toxic chemical dioxin, a by-product from chlorine, but it also full of contraceptive pill’s, HRT, antibiotics and other medication that were peed into the toilet by the rest of your city. Best not to drink it.

Building Our Defense


  • Cultured foods. Ah, the intelligence of practical evolution. In the days that fridges had not been dreamt up we had to use other methods of storing food such as fermentation techniques. Little did we know when we threw away our crock pots, and began buying bottled pickles from the store that we were doing our gut a disservice. Fermenting food does in fact grow a whole host of amazing probiotic bacteria that nourishes our gut unlike any supplement to date. Thankfully after almost 50 years of ‘candida food’, we realized that going back to our roots was the answer to so many gut and immune problems. Plus they are very easy to make!
  • Quality sleep. Sleep equals rest and regeneration for every system in the body. Yes there is lots of science you can read about it, but do you have to? Isn’t just experiencing good sleep good enough proof?
  • Organic food. This is the new label for real food. Eat it.
  • Time out. Stop, breathe, drop your shoulders, blink. Contrary to popular belief you are allowed, in fact required, to stop at least once a day for at least 5 minutes and don’t tell me don’t have enough time because that’s bollocks. Meditate on the toilet if you have to but whatever you do find some time to be a little relaxed.
  • Clean water. Find the best quality water you can and drink it. You are made up of 70-80% water. If you want to get the nasty’s out and nourish your system it’s a no brainer.
  • Mindfulness. Today the value of practicing mindfulness is so deeply effective we now have entire mindfulness institutes. The great thing about mindfulness is it doesn’t take any time out of your day, it is a consistent practice throughout the day. In each process that you do allow your breath to be relaxed and slow, your body to be as relaxed as possible and simply focus on the moment instead of allowing the stressful mind to run rampage through your thought processes. Do the best you can, nothing more, nothing less, that is all any human can do.
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