Hormone Harmony,  Sovereign Sexuality

Are we Working from our Hearts?

tumblr_m72w6gacGZ1qfnq1do1_1280We are amazingly intelligent and adaptable beings. We are capable of learning any skill you can imagine. Our only real challenge is to release the hold of fear.

We no longer have to fight for survival. We no longer have to grasp our way through life. We know how to grow food, collect natural water and harness energy from the sun, the wind and water. We can even build eco-friendly homes. So why are we still fearing survival?

The only thing keeping us in survival is us. We are imprisoning ourselves in debt or hand to mouth living. Yet there are so many possibilities, so many ways to live free of survival. Allow your curiosity to make its way to the surface and give it space to explore. You might be surprised what you discover about yourself and all the possibilities out there.

When our work is an expression of our love of life, it is then that we become fulfilled. Whether it is making food, building furniture, growing veggies, birthing babies or teaching dance; if it ignites you it will feed others. People recognize the light in our eyes and the truth in our hearts. It is that magnetic energy that builds community, support and strength.

When we finally trust in ourselves and do what we really want to, all the pain of fear and struggle are invited to fall away and our body becomes light and fluid. We are all born with an innate gift to share, there is no fear of competition.  So stop, feel, release and hand your navigation over to your heart, that’s exactly what it is there for.

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