Women’s Somatic Embodiment

A woman’s gifts lie within her spectacular body.


Over the last two decades I have witnessed an epidemic of women’s health issues. Through my own healing and my training I have realized that our body is constantly communicating to us. It tells us how we are experiencing the world and how a lot of our perception is blurred by societal beliefs, especially medical. that don’t serve women. These imprints add to our health conditions. By healing this story along with our hormonal health, nervous system regulation, and emotional discord, our body not only becomes a safe place again but we are able to access our true vitality.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?
  • Do you struggle with your weight or body image?
  • Are you struggling with hormonal issues or mood swings?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety, perfectionism, high-functioning focus?
  • Has everything changed since you had children?
  • Do you suffer from fatigue?
  • Do you struggle with your feminine elements?
  • Are you still carrying the weight of a miscarriage, termination or birth trauma?
  • Are you struggling with issues around your sex?
  • Are you dealing with overwhelm?
  • Do you feel restricted in your life?

Women thrive when they live from an embodied state. Growing up most of us weren’t taught how to understand the language of our bodies, to interpret the subtle signals of our nervous system’s and hormones. Nor were we taught how to look after our bodies the way they need, in fact we were often taught to override our internal calls for help. We weren’t taught how our nervous system and hormones respond to the world, why and what to do about it. In Women’s Somatic Embodiment we work with your body to discover exactly what resources are needed to help you to heal and live from your natural empowered state.

This work is for:

The woman who wants to feel at home in her body.

The woman who wants to claim her health sovereignty.

The woman who wants to step out of survival mode.

The woman who wants to understand her body.

The woman who wants to be free of unhealthy imprints and beliefs.

The woman who wants to know how to truly take care of her body.

And the woman who wants to ignite her feminine strengths.

The woman who wants to access her body wisdom.

The Women’s Somatic Embodiment Sessions Include:

A personalized assessment of your current story, feeling into your lifestyle, current and past health challenges, gut health, hormone health, concerns, frustrations, triggers, guilt patterns, primary limiting beliefs and basic lineage story, in the form of a questionnaire followed by a 1.5 hour session.

Five one hour sessions that will explore:

  • The nature of your menstrual cycle, what causes reproductive imbalances and how to heal them, and how to use your cycle as your biological time and energy management system.
  • The nature of your nervous system, how to release old stress patterns and trauma through somatic embodiment practices and inner child work, and how to work with the nervous system as your barometer of discernment.
  • Defusing the negative imprints around a woman’s bodies being a hinderance and learn the language of your individual body.
  • What turns you on in life, essential self-care practices, and how to cultivate energy.
  • Where you are leaking energy and how to shift from people pleasing to compassionate boundaries.
  • Herstory and your motherline, how it’s affected your life and how to rewire your nervous system to an empowered feminine state.
  • How nature is essential for our emotional and physical vitality and simple ways to connect and refuel.

Support notes which included support tools, somatic exercises, evidence-based research, article links and much more, are emailed after each session.

Sessions are usually scheduled between 1 and 3 weeks apart.

Message support between sessions that allows you to update me on your progress and challenges, and ask for direction re the previous sessions info.

Please feel free to email me an enquiry.

Warmest Blessings



“My healing journey after 20 years of addiction has not been an easy road, and it showed me how much damage was done to my body, my hormones, and my overall mental health. When I began working with Kheyrne, things began shifting in such a profound way. Her deep understanding of hormones and the nervous system have been the answers I’ve been searching for. From just a few months of following her guidance and teachings, I have seen an incredible shift in my cycle, my relationship to my body, and my energy levels. 

Yes, there is still work to be done, but coming from someone who had an extremely destructive relationship with my body to now having the space and tools to be kinder, to be patient, and just to allow myself to heal. I would not have come this far without her! After countless physicians and programs I have found a home where I trust the process so deeply I can allow it to flow without trying to force anything. Thank you, thank you Kheyrne! Cannot recommend this powerful, caring woman enough!!” – Mathilda

“Kheyrne has been giving me toolsets on how to regulate and come back into my body during the chaos of things. She has been following up with me and giving me so much support and sharing her wisdom and knowledge. Truly a fairy godmother.” Tayla

“Kheyrne at WomanThrive supported me after I had my first son and struggled to feel connected with myself and my partner. After going to a talk therapist and seeking help elsewhere, I found just one session with Kheyrne to be one of the most raw and profound experiences I’ve had in uncovering my own trauma and waking up to myself again. Her extensive knowledge in spiritual, mental and physical healing has helped put me on a better path. I would say every woman whether a new mother or even a grandmother should sit down with Kheyrne to connect again to their power and surrender.” Michaela 

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