Women’s Somatic Emobodiment

A woman’s gifts lie within her spectacular body.


When we find the place of home within our bodies, the healing can begin. A woman’s wellbeing relies upon her body and all that she carries within. And not just the way we see our bodies, far beyond that, it’s about how we are able to listen to and support our body’s responses to life.

This work creates a deep listening within the body, self compassion, and nervous system nourishment within our lives. We dive into our beliefs, societal imprints, our inner child story, our coping mechanisms and survival responses that we may have accumulated over the years, and we bring in the resources to release the layers and repattern our relationship to our bodies and our lives. All of which create internal separation and keep us in a state of survival.

Most of us are flip-flopping between a state of fight/flight, and a state of collapse. By learning how to nourish and expand your capacity you can start to understand what a fulfilling life can feel like.


  • Overwhelm?
  • Anxiety?
  • Fatigue?
  • Too little time? Or a feeling of pressure?
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your body, even judgemental and angry?
  • Anxiety, perfectionism, high-functioning focus?
  • Everything changing since you had children?
  • Your feminine self?
  • Carrying the weight of a miscarriage, termination or birth trauma?
  • Relationship challenges?
  • Eating disorders?
  • Postpartum anxiety or depression?

This work is a gentle body-based journey that takes you through the visceral layers allowing you to fully land in your body. Here, free of the mind, we find the essence of the unresolved stories and invite them to gently release, and at the same time discover the unique resources to invite into your life, allowing you to cultivate a deep trust and understanding of your innate intelligence.


  • Shift out of overwhelm.
  • Healing any sense of disconnect and find home in your body.
  • Understand your coping mechanisms.
  • How to shift from people pleasing to discernment and compassionate boundaries.
  • How to create more energy and spaciousness in your life.
  • The ability to hear your nervous systems response to life and how to work with it.
  • Defusing the negative imprints around being a woman.
  • Understanding how heal the coping mechanisms such as addiction, hypervigilance, OCD and the need to control.
  • Learn gentle somatic regulation tools

This work is for:

The woman who wants to feel at home in her body.

The woman who wants to claim her health sovereignty.

The woman who wants to step out of survival mode.

The woman who wants to understand her body.

The woman who wants to be free of unhealthy imprints and beliefs.

The woman who wants to know how to truly take care of her body.

The woman who wants to ignite her feminine strengths.

And the woman who wants to access her body wisdom.

Please feel free to email me an enquiry.

Warmest Blessings


What Women Say…

“My healing journey after 20 years of addiction has not been an easy road, and it showed me how much damage was done to my body, my hormones, and my overall mental health. When I began working with Kheyrne, things began shifting in such a profound way. Her deep understanding of hormones and the nervous system have been the answers I’ve been searching for. From just a few months of following her guidance and teachings, I have seen an incredible shift in my cycle, my relationship to my body, and my energy levels. 

Yes, there is still work to be done, but coming from someone who had an extremely destructive relationship with my body to now having the space and tools to be kinder, to be patient, and just to allow myself to heal. I would not have come this far without her! After countless physicians and programs I have found a home where I trust the process so deeply I can allow it to flow without trying to force anything. Thank you, thank you Kheyrne! Cannot recommend this powerful, caring woman enough!!” – Mathilda

Kheyrne has been giving me toolsets on how to regulate and come back into my body during the chaos of things. She has been following up with me and giving me so much support and sharing her wisdom and knowledge. Truly a fairy godmother.” Tayla

Kheyrne at WomanThrive supported me after I had my first son and struggled to feel connected with myself and my partner. After going to a talk therapist and seeking help elsewhere, I found just one session with Kheyrne to be one of the most raw and profound experiences I’ve had in uncovering my own trauma and waking up to myself again. Her extensive knowledge in spiritual, mental and physical healing has helped put me on a better path. I would say every woman whether a new mother or even a grandmother should sit down with Kheyrne to connect again to their power and surrender.” Michaela 

Every experience that I’ve had with Kheyrne is deeply nurturing. She has a depth of knowledge of the human condition, hormones, our nervous system, our patterns and programs, and a way of navigating it all with such dignity and grace. When I first came to see Kheyrne I was told I had to have surgery on my knee and after 6 sessions of bodywork i haven’t had a problem since. She has a keen way of capturing the heart of where the healing needs to happen and what needs to be unfolded. Her manner is gentle and enables one to connect with one’s own body and deepest vulnerabilities. I highly recommend working with Kheyrne. She is one in a million.” Sally

Personally, she has helped me become my own therapist by simply teaching me how to understand and listen to my own sensations (sadness, anger, jealousy, anxiety etc) by breathing into them and creating safety for them. She teaches you right there and then as she guides you through your own journey of self discovery and healing. 

“Her natural ability to know what your body needs is mind blowing and never seems to be wrong! She guides you along your own path of deep self acknowledgment and curiosity, which is honestly a life changing tool that every woman should get ahold of. Thanks to Kheyrne I have a deeper understanding of myself and my emotions, which is forever growing because of the foundation she has set for me.” Jess

“Working with Kheyrne was such a turning point for me. After doing a lot of self work and then connecting with Kheyrne I felt I reached a new level of self awareness and was able to really be vulnerable with both her and myself. It is and has been a truly healing and very honest and raw experience that I am so very grateful for. Her ongoing support is also so invaluable. A truly special step in my journey.Thank you.“ – Brittany

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