MamaThrive Prenatal and Postpartum Support

Pregnancy and postpartum are two of the most spectacular and sacred times of a woman’s life and yet they can also be isolating and overwhelming. Today it is hard to find respectful empowering information and caring support during this period, and every woman has a right to be held with love. Her personal needs should be heard and met with the greatest respect and alignment no matter whether physical, emotional, hormonal or spiritual.

“I didn’t plan on becoming a prenatal and postnatal coach, I simply fell in love with supporting mothers.” – Kheyrne Danu

Pregnancy and postpartum are two of the most vulnerable and most unsupported stages of a persons life.

This is a space for you to glean the wisdom and tools to experience an empowered pregnancy, birth or postpartum. Whether  you are needing support with the symptoms of pregnancy, wanting to create an empowered birth plan, needing support with your postpartum healing journey, or learning how to read your babies needs. 

MamaThrive Prenatal Coaching

Kheyrne is available for face to face, video, phone sessions or WhatsApp message support.

Are you wanting support with:

  • Creating an empowered pregnancy and birth experience?
  • Physical, nutritional and emotional needs and changes during pregnancy?
  • What experiences are normal during pregnancy and how to support them?
  • Choosing the best birth team?
  • Healing past birth experiences and clearing lineage patterns that could inhibit a healthy birth.
  • Inner child work to help prepare your emotional abilities to birth and parent in your power.
  • Learning what to ask your birth workers to ensure your needs and your babies needs are met?
  • Navigating the birth world including understanding the medical options available during pregnancy and birth, what the possible outcomes are an how to choose whats best for you?
  • Labor exercises and support tools?
  • How to set healthy boundaries and create a birth environment needed to allow physiological birth?
  • How to prevent preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and other common pregnancy issues?
  • How to include your partner in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey?
  • Creating a postpartum plan?

What’s included in your sessions:

  • Expansive prenatal and birth education and support notes including evidence-based research emailed after each session.
  • Debunking outdated beliefs such as size of baby, due dates, size of your hips, etc.
  • Exploration of you and your partners core values in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  • Exploration of you and your partners experience of being parented and what you need to feel loved and appreciated. How to communicate when you are at your limit and explorations of each partners expectations and needs when it comes to babies care and domestic labour.
  • Education on how your nervous system affects birth, identifying your triggers and learning how to work with them. Plus support in learning how to expand your window of capacity and use this in birth as well as teaching your partner how to coregulate for you during birth.
  • Education in matrescence, how it is a birth of a new you, what happens to your hormones and neurology postpartum, what your needs will include and what babies needs will be. Support in creating a postpartum plan.
  • Education on your new little beings vulnerable experience of this world, what their innate needs are and how to support them.
  • Referrals to the best prenatal and postpartum professionals such as osteopaths, lactation therapists, integrative doctors, midwives, doulas and additional resources.

Contact Kheyrne – danu@womanthrive for bookings

MamaThrive Postpartum Support

Postpartum is one of the most important events of any humans life yet it has been forgotten by mainstream western society. Looking back through every traditional culture we see that the first 40 days are not only honoured but given profound attention. Each culture having its own special repetoire of nutrition, teas, belly binding, massage, yoni steaming and various other nourishing ceremonial events.

Today we now have access to a wonderful combination of modern and traditional support tools for the profound period of ones life.

Sadly the common narrative around parenting babies doesn’t come from evidence-based research, even information from the medical world. Professionals and friends are often quick to prescribe sleep training and formula instead of helping mothers find empowering tools that work best for them and their baby.

These sessions are focused on mother/baby centered care and biologically aligned principles. In other words following the needs of mother and baby as close to nature as possible.

It takes a village to hold a mother during this time and so often we expect our partners to be the whole village. In this work we look at options such as a postpartum doula, and help your loved ones to help you with the support you are truly needing. It’s often hard to ask for support and society tells Mothers they are supposed to be able to do this all alone. It’s even harder when we don’t know what we need. We will work out the right kind of support for you as an individual and also find the right kind of professional support that suits you and your baby best when needed.

  • Examples of Postpartum Support:
  • Healing your body postpartum
  • Emotional support postpartum
  • How to support your babies innate needs
  • Breastfeeding support
  • How to understand and support babies biological sleep needs
  • Cosleeping
  • Attachment parenting
  • How to reparent yourself and hold your inner child
  • Navigating the new family dynamic
  • Babywearing
  • How to support colic and other common issues naturally
  • Pelvic floor healing
  • How to navigate the new family dynamic
  • How to get enough rest
  • Supporting emotional and hormonal health
  • Avoiding postpartum anxiety and overwhelm
  • Reparenting when inner child issues arise
  • Somatic nervous system support tools
  • What to do if you or baby gets sick
  • Teething
  • Postpartum exercise
  • Infant sleep journey
  • Infant physical development
  • Infant nutriton
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Diastasis rehab
  • Pelvic pain
  • Postpartum sex
  • And so much more….

BabyMoon Package

The first six weeks postpartum are intense to say the least, but it is a pivotal moment in both mothers and babies lives. No matter what your birth experience was every mother needs to be held with gentleness, respect and compassion during this vulnerable time. Both mothers and baby have a long list of needs during this precious time, and each mother will find different elements challenging. Each mother needs access to an extensive spectrum of postpartum resources that really align with her personal needs and parenting ethics.

I am deeply passionate about this pivotal moment in both mothers and babies lives.

What you will receive:

  • Continuous support in the form of questions answered twice a day 5 days a week via WhatsApp texts and voice messages.
  • 3 x half hour phone/video calls.
  • Natural health support for mother and baby shared in voicemail, video or written format.
  • Resources from experts in specific fields or evidence-based research.
  • Subjects covered include postpartum healing, postpartum hormones and how to navigate the changes, postpartum nutrition, somatic nervous system support tools, breastfeeding, baby sleep, preventing mastitis, skin-to-skin, belly binding, cosleeping, infant neurological development, useful homeopathic, postpartum movements, when to call a professional in and who, yoni healing and much much more.

Feel free to email any questions.

Much love



Kheyrne has been supporting women during pregnancy and birth for the last 22 years. She attended her first 3 births between 1999 and 2001, and spent her twenties and thirties being a prenatal massage and bodywork therapist as well as teaching prenatal dance and movement classes. Kheyrne did her official doula training in 2013. Over the last decade she has supported many mothers with various hormone health challenges postpartum. After giving birth to her daughter in 2018 and having a deeply challenging breastfeeding experience, she became passionate about postpartum support and began to focus her research on the real mother and baby needs postpartum. Kheyrne’s work debunks many common myths and draws on recent research that is in line with mothers innate instincts.


Kheyrne Danu is not a medical doctor. This support is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, nor to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. 


“Thank you for always being there for me on our journey so far. Your support has been such a rock of sanity along my journey into motherhood. Mad respect for your many hours of research too. You have been my go to when I need clarity/understanding on something.” Terri

“When I found out I was pregnant, my first thought was to contact Kheyrne. There was no one better to answer my questions around pregnancy (from fears, to scans, to homebirth, postpartum..)I would not have made the choices I made and have the homebirth I had if it wasn’t for Kheyrne’s incredible knowledge. I am forever grateful for what she taught my partner and I. I felt so empowered going into labour.” Cyrie

“Kheyrne has been my go to resource and all round best human since the start of my pregnancy journey. She is patient, kind, and always has the time and energy to ease me through my concerns and offer help. She is my go to resource for all things pregnancy and baby related.  As a first time mom, I am continuously grateful for her support and guidance. Her passion for what she does is backed up by years of research and first hand knowledge.” Beverley 

“A woman will never be more vulnerable than when she is pregnant and postpartum” 

I read those words somewhere whilst pregnant and they stayed with me. They were so very true for me, Kheyrne came into my life when I most needed her after the birth of our first baby. I was feeling isolated being far away from my family struggling with anxiety and a whole host of confusing, overwhelming emotions. Kheyrne swept in with calm assurance, I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t a bad mother… She nurtured me from afar and guided me back to my sense of self. My new, Self. It’s hard to explain but her wisdom is ancient, primal, you’re almost gently reminded…. This was my experience; every conversation lit up within me, memories, understanding and a lingering curiosity. I cannot express enough how much her support and guidance has meant to me, I feel supported and connected. Thank you kheyrne for being a safe place.” Stacey

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