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Hormones are our vitality keys! They turn us on in ever sense of the word. They are the connectors that ignite our ability to thrive. Our amazing monocycle holds a profound gift, which has been hidden from us for centuries. When we learn the language of our hormones we realize our body isn’t out to make our lives difficult… it is trying to tell us what’s happening in our inner world and how we are processing the world around us.

Hormone imbalances are our body’s way of telling us something is not working for us.

If you would like to learn how to read the language of your hormones and support your feminine vitality you are in the right place.

For those of us with hormone issues life can be confusing. It’s hard to understand why our bodies and minds are expressing uncomfortable glitches even if we are eating healthy food and exercising regularly. The reality is hormone health goes far beyond diet and exercise.


“When women understand their bodies they hold their power.”

 There is a whole hormone language that all women can learn. And once you have the basics under your belt you can start navigating your physical, mental and emotional world with far more ease. This course empowers you with the tools that help you learn how to work with your hormones to discover your next level of feminine power.

The Hormone Wisdom Course Covers

Hormone myths and the truths

Women’s body wisdoms

Your beautiful moon cycle

Navigating environmental challenges

Moods of the moon

The adrenal story

Ovarian power

The gut hormone relationship


Stress patterns

Our body relationship

Sleep science

Self compassion

And much much more

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Why are we Experiencing so much Hormone Havoc?

Hormones are the bridge between our inner physical state and our inner emotional world. Every person who has experienced puberty, PMS, birth, postpartum, menopause or just generally being a woman will know this. Hormones are the first physical manifestation of our emotions and therefore are the best barometer for emotional wellbeing.


There are many culprits that trigger hormone havoc including environmental toxins and hormones added to our food for starters. There are also common lifestyle factors that are often considered normal yet sadly compromise our hormones. Plus most of us grew up with beliefs about our bodies, about relationships, about health and about meeting the worlds demands that are actually compromising to our hormonal wellbeing.


Hormones also mirror our relationships, to our body, our sexual energy, our partners, our family, our work and our environment. 

On the downside, when your hormones have been unhappy for too long they can begin to dampen your intuition, drop your energy levels and activate states of anxiety, depression, obsession and even rage. All of which are simply internal messages that something needs to be released or changed. This is our bodies way of letting us know change is needed.

Thankfully we can create a hormone friendly lifestyle that actually feels good to live and feels uplifting to experience. By working with our physical needs and with our nervous system we can renew our hormonal state back it equilibrium.

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This comprehensive course covers every woman’s essential hormone support needs.


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