Yoni Eggs

Living a life imbued with enthusiasm is every woman’s birthrite. It is the foundation of wellbeing. Yet this is not the imprint most of us were born with. Thankfully we have vitality switches within our bodies. The trick is learning how to turn them on…

There is a very simple way to cultivate a deeper nourishing connection with our body,  support our wellbeing and turn up our lifeforce energy – the Womb Way Yoni Egg Practice.

A healthy pelvic floor is essential for overall wellbeing and longevity. If the pelvic floor is holding discordant patterns it can compromise our sexuality, our hormonal balance, our abdominal health and our physical structure.

yoni eggs is a small piece of gemstone, carved into the shape of an egg. By creating the right environment and doing the gentle Womb Way Yoni Egg Practice you can help your body and brain to cultivate a balanced state of wellbeing.

Physical Benefits of Yoni Eggs

The often ignored pelvis is the basin of the body. It contain’s all our abdominal organs and is the crucial link between the spine, belly, hips and legs.

The pelvic floor is made up of a sling of muscles suspended between our two sitting-bones, and between our pelvic bone and tailbone; much like a star. These muscles contain the vagina, urethra and anus. They are used for holding the organs, stabilizing the pelvis, and contracting the sphincters and vagina.

What we now know is that stressful childbirth, unhealthy sexual experiences, hormone imbalances, lower back problems, pelvis, knee and foot misalignment, lack of activity, over exercise, high heels, sitting in chairs and emotional discord all have a direct effect on the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

Weak or Tense Pelvic Floor?

Many women are diagnosed with weak pelvic floor muscles, but this is often incorrect. When pelvic floor muscles appear weak they may actually be fatigue. Yes pelvic floor muscles get stretched after birth and often need some help in re-toning, but even post birth the pelvic floor can hold tension.

The pelvic floor muscles work together. When a problem occurs it’s common for the muscles (as with any muscle in the body) to first tighten up to create stability or protection. Remember a muscle can only hold strong for a so long before it becomes fatigued. When muscles fatigue they loose their suppleness, action and tone. Which can then be misread as weak. And it’s not uncommon for one area to tighten up causing another area to over-stretch – again appearing weak.

So as you can see the concept of a “weak” pelvic floor isn’t entirely accurate. And focusing on just strengthening the muscles – such as only doing hundreds of kegal type contractions – instead of focusing on re-activating and balancing them, could actually strain an already stressed area. A recent study on lower back pain in women showed that 80% of the subjects had too tight pelvic floor muscles!

Interestingly low-activity, mixed-activity or over-active pelvic floor muscles can often express similar symptoms. Thankfully, in most cases, we don’t need to know what the exact story is to help to correct it. This is where correct use of the yoni egg comes in.

How a Yoni Egg Works

The egg has been carved in the perfect shape to assist alignment on a physical level. And being made of a gemstone you are inviting a piece of the earth into your body instead of using a plastic or cold metal object.

Once we gently welcome the egg inside the vagina (up to where a tampon would be) the work immediately begins. The eggs presence works proprioceptively, activating the brains awareness of the surrounding tissue, bringing healthy blood flow to the area and encouraging a release of tension. Subtle movement enhances the neurological biofeedback to the brain and create a gentle internal massage. This experience can be comfortable or slightly uncomfortable at first, depending on what your body is holding. Making sure you work with the egg gently you will find it can help to reprogram uncomfortable scar tissue or strained muscles. You may even find the experience different every time you use your egg,

It’s important that the muscles are encouraged to relax first. Much like your mind, once one releases the tension, the muscles become responsive and are free to activate and reorganize in a healthy manor. There is no rush. It takes gentle nourishing feminine energy to heal feminine organs. Getting a ‘tight vagina’ is certainly not the aim in the Womb Way Practice! We focus on cultivating nourished healthy, thriving, balanced, dextrous, responsive, luscious vagina’s, bodies and minds.

As blood flow and dexterity return to the tissue, one can focus on gently working with pelvic floor activation.

The breath and the yoni are intrinsically linked. Healthy yoni egg work involves specific breathing techniques that help activate and balance the pelvic floor.

There is no question that working with a yoni egg is one of the best health practices for women. Not only is it life changing for postpartum healing but it is one of the best tools for preventing a prolapsed uterus. Plus the stimulation of the area can help to calm the nervous system, which in turn will feed a healthy hormone state. And if you want to rediscover your libido, this is how!

Physically the Yoni Egg can help to:

  • Align pelvic floor muscles
  • Ignite libido
  • Balance hormones
  • Release spinal pain
  • Align pelvis
  • Prevent incontinence
  • Prevent prolapsed womb and bladder
  • Sensitize your body
  • Increase fertility

Emotional Benefits of Yoni Eggs 

The greatest gift we can give ourselves as women is to create a healthy, nurturing relationship to our own bodies. It’s time to drop the societal ideals and self-judgements, and start appreciating this gorgeous sensual vessel that allows us to dance with the deliciousness of life.

For women the womb and vagina could be described as the seat of the soul. This is where we create and bring life into this world.

Healing the Feminine Story

Many of us have experienced sexual, or emotional trauma. Whether it was a traumatic birth, a disempowering upbringing or a harmful relationship. the story is stored within our feminine tissue. The yoni egg has been known to help unlock and gently release these stories from our bodies. True healing only comes when we feel a sense of safety. And since you are working alone and therefore in a safe environment and with a comfortable tool, the body will release what is needed whenever  you are ready.

This work also ignites your desire to thrive, your creative capacity and a healthy relationship to your body.

Embracing our Sexuality

For many of us the idea of connecting with our bodies in such an intimate way can provoke feelings of guilt, self-judgement or shame. Most of us were born into the societal imprint that told us our sexuality was something that we should only share with our husbands behind closed doors. On top of this for centuries we have been fed the myth that there is something floored within our sexuality. But the truth is our sexual energy is our lifeforce energy. It is ours to nourish, cultivate and use to nourish ourselves, nourish our projects, a baby or our relationship.

We spend our lives either turning our sexual energy off when we step out the door, or using it it entice attention. Yet when it’s honored, it is the fire that fuels us. Happiness comes from enjoying life and the ability to take in the joy is rooted in our lifeforce energy/ our sexual energy. If making love makes babies, then connecting to life through our sensual energy can connects us to the beauty, innocence and playfulness of the world. With this work one can learn to cultivate your sexual energy and use it to fuel your heart.

This practice can change from day to day. Personally I found difficult emotions and effervescence would often move through me within minutes of each other. My practice has helped me to feel more at home in my body, enjoy my body, be more playful, more appreciative, much more grounded and more discerning in life. We are all unique and therefore our experiences will always be our own. Connecting with our sexual energy/lifeforce energy can open us up to the sensual beauty of each moment.

Emotionally the Yoni Egg can help you to:

  • Become more grounded
  • Release self judgement
  • Ignite your libido
  • Heal feminine trauma
  • Cultivate self-love
  • Improve your relationship connection
  • Bring love to your vagina and womb

The yoni egg feels like a special gift for all women. A gift that can open you up to a world of enjoyment, softness and a new element of  playfulness.




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