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Belly Balanced

For many women today maintaining a state of health is a challenge. Even when eating the perfect food and gyming it up everyday women are still suffering from low energy levels, weight gain, skin problems, anxiety, infertility and low libido. Most lifestyles today are not tailored towards hormone thriving, but they can be.

Most of us didn’t grow up with tools to listen, understand and heal our own bodies and the medical world is failing us. Over the last decade women have experienced a dramatic increase in hormonal issues, to the point they are called ‘normal’.

There is nothing normal about:

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, depression, endometriosis, weight problems, breast cancer, menopause, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, infertility, anxiety, memory issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, thinning hair, low libido, thyroid imbalances or osteoporosis.

The good news is hormones can heal.

In this workshop we will:

Reframe hormone imbalances

Disclose common hormone disruptors

Uncover why we gain weight

Discuss innate nutrition

Explore being a cyclical being

Look at our body as a barometer

Debunk medical half truths

Tame hyper-vigilance

Discover your vitality priorities

Find feminine soulfood


The Hormone Vitality workshop was sooooo good for me, I find myself much more at peace since my understanding of my body has expanded.” – A

“Thank you for the workshop and sharing your knowledge in such a beautiful way. It offered me even more than I imagined. I’ve made small changes and have seen massive improvements.” – J

Course was amazing!!! Thank you!!!” – C

Join me in learning the language of your beautiful body and how to nourish it!


Ignite your womb wisdom!

Ladies, if you are craving a deeper nourishing relationship with your body this is the place to be…
Today women are rarely encouraged to pay attention to or care for their intimate organs. A woman’s reproductive area is commonly viewed as a group of functional parts needed for sex and babies, rather than the place of luscious sacred feminine physicality.

With the lack of attention, knowledge and tools many of us are suffering with sexual discomfort, low libido, prolapsed wombs, low body love, hormonal imbalances, bladder issues, low self confidence and many other imbalances related to our organs of vitality. The good news is we don’t have to live this way.

It’s time to give our womb, vagina and ovaries a bit of healing attention. A yoni egg is a gentle yet powerful tool that can be used by all women. 5,000 years ago Taoist women discovered the value of working with jade yoni eggs. They discovered these small stones were helpful in improving pelvic floor health, realigning the musculoskeletal structure of the pelvis post birth, preventing prolapsed uterus, as well as healing and activating their sexual energy. Our sexual energy is our lifeforce energy. Without it we would not be able to grow new life. It is the fuel that drives our passion. When our sexual energy is low, our vitality, enthusiasm, playfullness and creativity can so easily fall by the wayside.

Kheyrne Danu has combined her knowledge of pelvic floor health, yoni egg work and heart-centered sexual energy principles to create this workshop to equip you with a sacred womb practice to integrate into your normal life.

In this workshop we will explore:

Pelvic floor function

Pelvic floor alignment

Isolation and relaxation techniques

Heart womb connection

Cellular memory shifts

Sovereign boundaries

Womb cleansing

Sacred belly dance techniques

WomanThrive Yoni Egg Practice is a series of one day workshops currently taught in South Africa and Bali.

WomanThrive With Your Besties!

WomanThrive Yoni Egg Practice can be experienced in the comfort of your own home. These intimate workshops really lend themselves to being explored in a cosy setting with your closest lady friends. This way the workshop is catered to your group. You get to dive into the topics you would most like to explore and believe me, there are many!

You can even set up a yoni egg club (much more fun than a book club!), to practice and discuss interesting experiences together. And of course I am available to come back anytime you like for the next workshop. All you have to do is gather at least 6 of your ladies and pop me a mail.




“In gratitude for how sensitively and gently you guided us towards an experience that I never expected. Everything flowed so naturally and effortlessly and it felt very empowering. There is so much more to life!! The workshop has offered me so much more than I could have imagined. Thank you for encouraging us to nurture and cherish ourselves.” – P

“I had a wonderful time. After having my wonderful husband “lay claim” to my sexuality and then lending out my womb to my 2 beautiful children, it feels very gratifying to reconnect to my womb and yoni by (aided by the yoni eggs) as something sacred and special and mine! Thank you.” – T

“I now have a very special “friend”. I feel lots of shifts and feels something has renovated inside me, that there is something new, young, alive that is emerging. Looking at my body, the energy is changing into a more whole body.” – C

“What a gift! It reset my head, heart, body wiring completely and curbed some serious anxiety. I went from feeling disconnected and anxious the week before into a really good grounded space. It’s incredible what a day of self care can do! I have not been able to communicate with my body space below my heart like that before. As I said in the group it was like the egg was a glowing activator, like a battery that made everything glow and heal and connect. Quite an astounding feeling. Wonderful peace.” – N

“Thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday. I enjoyed every moment of it and love the newfound respect and gentleness that I am now feeling toward my feminity. It is wonderful to have found that sacred inner connection and I will continue to treasure it. Thanks for sharing this with us and guiding us.” – M
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