Your Healing Journey


Your body.  This wonderful vehicle, that allows you to  touch, laugh, dance, play, eat, smell and experience the multiple wonders of life, doesn’t do things for cbd products reason. To explore a healing journey starts with acceptance, patience and the realization that this is not a linear path…

Our Body Relationship

Most of us grew up with concept that it’s weak to be vulnerable. That if we have a sense something is not OK we must just keep pushing through.  It’s common to start out life learning that the body is simply meant to get us from A to B and how to ignore the body’s signals. It became important to us to keep spearing the body on; to pop a pill and keep going.

We have become disconnected from the body’s warnings and cries for help.  We only pay attention when we are in agony or immobilized, but again the little white pill or surgery will fix it all, won’t they? How does this make sense?  How can suppression lead to healing?

The system we have all grown up in teaches adults to hand responsibilities over to others, expecting them to fix our problems and make us happy, and to do so quickly. And if they don’t fix us fast we have a right to get angry with them and blame them for our suffering. This paradigm has never and still does not work.

The Invitation to Heal

We strive for instant gratification. The frustration comes when the pain doesn’t go, or we don’t loose weight, or our back is still stiff.  But it’s not about the symptoms going, it’s about trust. Trust your body, trust yourself and let go, the healing process will have it’s own course to follow.

Imbalances and healing are simply a part of normal life. Yet our programmed intolerance has taught us to fear it, hate it, become impatient with it and eventually override it. Attaining wellbeing  is not purely about the food that we eat, the exercise that we do, the supplements that we take, or the therapies that we have; it’s about our relationship to our body, to vulnerability and to being imperfect. No matter how much money we spend on healing tools, they are worthless without a compassionate relationship to ourselves.

Imagine if we could look at our suffering and healing process as a gift?  Imagine if it was actually a journey to new understanding?  That discord could open the door to appreciate life on a deeper level than ever before?

Everything in Life is about Relationship

To know what our bodies really need, we just need to stop. Listen, and let them tell us their story.  I guarantee that you innately know more about your body than the best doctors or healers on the planet.  It’s not about knowing the information that the experts have, it’s about knowing if those tools are going to work for you or not!  When you learn to listen, your body it will tell you everything that you need to know.

What you weren’t taught at school:

1)    The body is constantly repairing damage, cleanse out toxins and generally doing it’s best to heal itself.

2)    As the body is constantly balancing homeostasis, it takes a long time for lifestyle disorders to develop within the body.

3)    Epigenetics show that we are born with various switches on our DNA either active or inactive.  hese switches can be turned on or off by nutritional and emotional changes.

Healing teaches us to trust, it teaches us that we are not in control, we can’t make things be what we want them to be.  All that we can do is discover the tools, put in the effort and trust. 

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