I Trust My Body

What does it mean to trust your body?  Why should you have to?  What is there to trust?

Maybe our body holds our innate truth? Maybe it is our barometer illuminating unresolved stories through pain and other imbalances? And maybe the body shows us what is working for us and what isn’t?

Our body is the only thing in this life that is really ours; best we look after it.

Over the last century we have been part of quite a large experiment. Through the industrial revolution humans have discovered many interesting processes and products. But since mechanical medicine has overridden empirical medicine our ability to listen to the body’s signals is no longer encouraged.

photo-1439902315629-cd882022cea0We have forgotten that the body is designed to balance to itself, a process known as homeostasis. We have also forgotten that we are perfectly able to support the body in its innate ability to rebalance.

Today we have reverted to controlling symptoms and suppressing signals instead of finding the underlying causes.

As a race we have become more obsessed with killing external threats such as bad bacteria than supporting beneficial bacteria ( the only substance that can keep pathogenic bacteria in balance), which makes up 80% of our immune system. This fear-based obsession has lead to an epidemic of autoimmune diseases’ and  superbugs.

Yet the very real external threat from chemicals, heavy metals, synthetic hormones and antibiotics, in our food and environment, has been swept under the carpet; Or more like under our skin where these invaders create internal communication chaos resulting in hormonal disruption and autoimmune diseases. This internal distortion can easily influence our perception of the world, making it difficult to trust our own perceptions. This influence can also add to depression, mood swings, anxiety and confusion.

Despite chemical influences body is trying its best to tell us what it needs to thrive. We are the only ones responsible for our own health. It’s so easy to get frustrated or angry with our bodies for being tired, gaining weight, getting bad skin or cellulite. Your body is simply telling your story.

Stop take a breath and realize that every issue is either a simply reaction to our mental, emotional and physical environment or a lineage story asking to be changed. So what is it that you need to change? If you invite the answers into your life they will come. But going on a crash diet, taking antidepressants or killing it at the gym after 5 hours sleep is not going to bring you resolution.

Turn your home into a chemical free zone; throw out the conventional food, body products, cleaning products and any other offensive home lurkers, then do the same internally.  Some good organic food, green juice, probiotics, zeolite and indol-3-carbinol, lots of spring water and a good sauna are a great first step to cleaning out your bombarded cells.

When the body is free of interference and filled with nourishment it makes it so much easier to trust the wisdom of our body.  We don’t need to go on a course to learn intuition, it is a part of us, we just need to allow our body to show us what it is comfortable with and what it is uncomfortable with.  This is the greatest freedom we can give ourselves, to be our own ambassadors in life.

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