Natural Progesterone

a344ebf1bc1a2c5a5f419fafa9f43dd9Progesterone is one of your most important vitality hormones. It plays a key role in mood, blood sugar balance, thyroid function and adrenal health, as well as sleep, memory and of course sex drive.

Along with other steroid hormones, it has a protective role in bone, heart, brain, skin and nervous system health.  “Progesterone is one of the best friends serotonin (happy hormone) ever had” (Chouinard et al., 1987). This hormone is hugely diverse, we are yet to discover the full extent of it’s essential functions.

Progesterone is a precursor hormone, a deficiency can therefore result in a wide range of problems. It is used to make cortisol (stress hormone), the more stressed we are the more progesterone is ‘stolen’ by the adrenals glands.

Estrogen dominance is the other problem we face in the 21st century. Hundreds of thousands of petrochemicals found in body products, cleaning agents, plastic, pesticides, meat, dairy and water, mimic estrogen: progesterones antagonist. Progesterone can easily be overrun by this onslaught of environmental estrogens, which are 100 to 1000 times stronger than natural estrogen.

Thankfully we have tools to balance this story! We have a few primary tools to help resolve this story.

Eat: organic or at least chemical free food, especially animal products is an absolute and lots of plants!

Clear out: all the petrochemical (synthetic chemical) based products out of our kitchen, bathroom and garden shed.

Simplify: release all the habits, things and agreements in your life that add unnecessary stress – be ruthless – learn when to say ‘no’!

Nourish: get enough sleep (at least 8 hours), spend time in nature and do things that are really fun!

For those who need immediate help in kick-starting the rebalancing process, or who no longer have ovaries, there is a tool that can help: Natural progesterone cream. It contains bio-identical progesterone, which means that the molecular structure is 100% identical to that of the progesterone produced in your body. Your body immediately recognizes it and can use it where needed in your body. It is free from any toxic side-effects unlike synthetic contraceptive hormones and hormone replacement therapy which are both make from a chemical called progestin (which has the action of blocking the essential hormonal orchestra), not progesterone.

Natural progesterone cream is a great tool to assist one in coming back to your balance point. Once you have anchored your hormone balance, you will most likely not need to continue using the progesterone cream. The only time I feel it is necessary to continue use is if one no longer has functioning ovaries from a hysterectomy, tubal ligation or removal.

Natural progesterone cream provides support for:

  • Weight balance (progesterone metabolizes fat, estrogen increases weight)
  • Stress relief (supports cortisol production)
  • Fertility (progesterone is needed for ovulation, conception and fetal growth)
  • PCOS (regulates ovulation, helps to reverse cysts)
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopause
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Mental clarity
  • Memory
  • Thyroid support
  • Sleep disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Depression
  • Post-natal depression
  • Pregnancy
  • Blood sugar stability
  • Water retention
  • Candida
  • Thinning hair
  • Oestrogen dominance
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Cell oxygenation
  • Inflammation
  • Cancer

Using natural progesterone cream changed my life. It was the first thing to help me heal adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, oestrogen dominance, reproductive issues, an eating disorder, a mood disorder and insomnia. Over the years I have personally witnessed a stream of women finding their energy levels, weight balance, fertility and sanity from this little tube of hope. For the highest quality organic natural progesterone cream click here

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