Hormone Vitality

Hormones are your vitality keys!

Thriving hormones activate libido, nourish skin and turn on fertility and creativity. They instill graceful emotions, increase mental clarity and create abundant energy levels.

Physically they are our internal communicators; telling each part of the body what’s happening and what to do.

Internal Communicators

They are also the bridge between your emotional and physical states, which is obvious for those who have ever experienced or witnessed PMS. Hormones are brilliant barometers of emotion.

And of course they are your mirror for your relationships; to your body, your sexual energy, your partner, your family, your work and your environment. The moment a relationship dynamic is unresolved these emotional barometers will be the first to send you the signs. Hormones will show us when we need to make a change like stepping away from an unhealthy situation or the need to nourish ourselves.

On the downside, when your hormones have been unhappy for too long they can begin to dampen your intuition, drop your energy levels and activate states of worry, depression, obsession and even rage. All of which are simply internal messages. The trick is to pay attention and act upon the message before these emotions act upon you or those around you.

Hormone Havoc

There are many culprits that trigger hormone havoc, pollution, stress, abuse and synthetic hormones as well as surgery, sexual discord, toxic food, injuries and self judgement to name but a few.  All aspects of life simply mirror each other.


In the time when humans lived in line with nature, hormone imbalances and other 21st century syndromes were rare. Today they are a dime a dozen. The moment we began to use chemicals we stepped onto a deeply destructive path; for ourselves and for our environment.

The distorted effects of chemicals on marine life etc; has been documented for decades, only now is there a clear body of evidence illuminating the dangers of the hundreds of thousands of chemicals present in our food, water, body care products, cleaning products, baby products, plastics, fabrics, paints and so much more.

For decades we have been spraying our food with chemicals designed for bio warfare. These chemicals are known as endocrine disruptors. They link to our hormone receptors and convey a distorted message within our body’s sensitive communication networks.The long-term results are only now being fully realized. These distortions can lead to multiple endocrine issues including cancer.


Hormones show us there is no separation, internally or externally. Sometimes a stressful dynamic causes a hormonal imbalance and sometimes a hormonal imbalance causes stress, it doesn’t really matter which comes first both need to be addressed. The more discord we have had in our lives – experiences that have not been processed – the less capacity we have for stress. In this state we switch into survival mode over often insignificant issues. Apart from the physical support needed to rebalance hormones, it’s essential to help release the emotional trauma and mental patterns that keep reigniting the stress response.

Today research is finally making the link between childhood and sexual trauma, and thyroid imbalances, mood disorders and breast cancer. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Food is nourishment.  It is one of life’s great pleasures.  It invites a space to share creativity, playfulness and scrumptious experiences with our loved ones. Yet society views wholesome meals as fattening and processed ‘weight loss’ foods as healthy. Fad diets have replaced fun time in the kitchen and our high wired lifestyles have overridden the joy of creating mouthwatering morsels. Instead of cultivating good food, we have cultivated an addiction to processed food.

Our great grandparents new what real food was, because they ate it. Now we have to label food as organic, biodynamic, ethical, sustainable and local to know we are getting real food. Food doesn’t need to be an issue within our lives, real food must simply be enjoyed.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms:



Mood disorders





Loss of hair on head

Growth of facial hair (Hirutism)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome



Water retention

Low blood sugar


Eating disorders

Underactive or overactive thyroid

Mental disorders

Restless leg syndrome


Irrational fears


High blood pressure

Low motivation

Low creativity

Dulled intuition

Lack of self esteem

Lack of trust


Your weight is controlled by your hormones, not by calories! Once one begins to understand the interplay between insulin, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, ghrelin and leptin you begin to see that weight problems are not what we were lead to believe. Calorie restriction in essence is energy restriction. Foods that are high in healthy fats are essential for making hormones, yet they are also seen as high calorie. Chemical laden food has far more to do with weight problems than calories. Once you drop the calorie counting and begin to balance your hormones weight frustrations can be transformed. All your outdated diet books only have one real purpose: firelighters.

Creating Hormone Harmony

The good news is hormones are always in flux and with a little support (and sometimes a lot of support) one can help the biofeedback of the endocrine, reproductive, bacterial and neurological systems to start their journey into an upward spiral.

In ancient times we knew how to listen to our bodies and we knew which herbs, foods and natural tools to use for feminine ailments. In the west this wisdom was lost for the last 500 years or more. The pharmaceutical companies filled the gap, but their tools don’t nourish our bodies, emotions or lifeforce. Today we are reconnecting and relearning. Navigating our hormonal landscape can invoke a deep sense of freedom, fulfillment and thriving within our lives.




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