Sacred Sexual Organs







The human body, like all living things in nature is complex to say the least. A woman’s body certainly takes the biscuit in the category of complexity – and thank goodness! Without our intricate make up we wouldn’t be able to traverse the vast and profound experiences of intuition, discernment, love, compassion, strength, stamina, adaptability, grace, love making, creativity, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, multitasking, feistiness, passion and so much more.

The body and emotions function as one unit therefore the state of our structural, neurological, hormonal and bacterial health have a deep and direct impact on our emotional well being – and vice versa.

When it comes to the wellbeing of our breasts, ovaries, womb and vagina we have surprisingly limited options in western medicine. Thankfully the old women’s medicine tools and principles that served us for thousands of years across the globe are finally resurfacing and proving their importance once again.

After sifting through all the possible options that are being proposed as traditional women’s medicine, it’s clear that some of them are best left alone and some of them have literally turned women’s lives around to a state of thriving. It’s easy to be skeptical towards natural tools offered today, there is certainly a lot of bunkum out there. I assure you the ones shared on this site have been thoroughly scrutinized.

As for modern medicine, it too can offer us products and procedures that are not always healthy and can even be unsafe. Many women report negative reactions to the contraceptive pill, mirena, HRT, vaginal mesh, hysterectomy, vaginal laser surgery, mammagrams, D & C’s and many many more commonly practiced women’s interventions. Doctors have not been trained in the subtleties of the female complexity, they have some great diagnostic tools and of course their emergency medicine saves lives. But when it comes to balancing the reproductive cycle, fertility, breast care, pregnancy care, birth and postpartum care, mainstream medicine is focused on the blunt end of the spectrum – keeping you just functional – they have not been equipped with the subtle tools to help you properly heal and thrive.

Imagine if there were simple tools that could prevent many of the common problems we experience today? Imagine if there were tools and protocols for reversing issues that left us without side effects and simply in a state of comfort, upliftment and wellbeing? Thankfully there are…


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