Body Wisdom


The female body is exquisite to say the least. Every function we have is divinely designed to fulfill the important aspects of our female gifts.

Women are naturally perceptive, intuitive, creative, discerning, chaotic, spontaneous, nurturing, fluid, sensitive, eccentric, daring, changeable, intense, gentle, abstract, powerful, courageous, illogical, truthful, dynamic, compassionate, nurturing, ruthless, and graceful. These are all strengths, many of which have been viewed as a weakness or a hindrance for hundreds of years.   If you look closely you will see how these qualities keep our family safe and loved.

Women experience all the elements of life through our body’s. Our body is our barometer.

Our relationship to the world, to other people and to ourselves plays a role in shaping the way we feel and look.

The body is our book of life. Every story is etched upon each cell. Unlike the mind the body holds the simple truth of each moment. It is our barometer; it sends signals if something is working for us or not. Yet society has taught us to ignore these signals, override and suppress them. Instead we get angry with our body for not being the shape, size or energy filled vehicle that we so desperately want.

The way we relate to our body’s often reflects deeper stirrings. It’s so easy to blame it for our problems, as if it was an entity separate from ourselves.

Your body is not trying to make life difficult, it is simply showing you how the world is affecting you.

Statements like, “I will be happy when I am slim,” lock us into a conditional reality, a place of illusion that can never be real. If we give our power of happiness over to something that is not real, something that we don’t have any control over, what value are we putting on our life? Listening to our body, nourishing it, being kind to ourselves and appreciating the gifts brings us into a state of thriving. Our body allows us to dance, play, make love, eat delicious things, swim, feel the air on our skin and take in all the beauty of nature and our loved ones. When we ‘flip the script’ changing our  story towards ourselves, our body always changes.

Trust is the keys to thriving. The day we choose to trust in our own bodies and our instincts, we set ourselves free from the confusion of society and become our own sovereign navigators.

This world is filled with a bounty of empowering resources, people, ideas and opportunities. There is no lack, that’s the big illusion. We are all capable of stepping beyond mental limitations, finding our tribe and discovering what really turns us on.

Thriving is our birth rite. This doesn’t mean being in perfect health every day, it means grabbing the reigns of life, being grateful and making the most of each moment. When we discover how to live from the graceful heart our body begins to emanate the same beauty.

“Your body is your greatest tool for discernment.” Danielle Laporte

Taking care of Our Body

Our physical body supports all these essential elements of womanhood, but in return we need to take care and listen to our beautiful vehicle of awareness. When women have ‘female issues’, this is simply the body communicating to us, sharing it’s story of struggle.

Yet when it comes to the wellbeing of our breasts, ovaries, womb and vagina we have surprisingly limited options in western medicine. Thankfully the old women’s medicine tools and principles that served us for thousands of years across the globe are finally resurfacing and proving their importance once again.

It’s easy to be skeptical towards natural tools offered today, not everything offered is actually helpful. Yet there are many current women’s wellness tools that are turning women’s lives into a state of thriving. I have spent many years refining the tools I will be sharing with you.

As for modern medicine, it too can offer us products and procedures that are not always healthy and can even be unsafe. Many women report negative reactions to the contraceptive pill, mirena, HRT, vaginal mesh, hysterectomy, vaginal laser surgery, mammagrams, D & C’s and many many more commonly practiced women’s interventions. Doctors have not been trained in the subtleties of the female complexity, they have some great diagnostic tools and of course their emergency medicine saves lives. But when it comes to balancing the reproductive cycle, fertility, breast care, pregnancy care, birth and postpartum care, mainstream medicine is focused on the blunt end of the spectrum – keeping you just functional – they have not been equipped with the subtle tools to help you properly heal and thrive.

Imagine if there were simple tools that could prevent many of the common problems we experience today? Imagine if there were tools and protocols for reversing issues that left us without side effects and simply in a state of comfort, upliftment and wellbeing? Thankfully there are…


Sexuality is part of being human. Sex is natural expression of love, it brings playfulness into life, deepens the intimate bond with your partner and brings babies into the world. So why then has this beautiful part of existence become so distorted?

Most of us were not taught about this lifeforce as teenagers; instead we were left to flounder around, children in an adult body feeling shame for having natural hormonal urges. Our only reference to sexuality being the vulgarity plastered across the media, and clumsy moments with the opposite sex. How is this a foundation for a loving healthy connection to our own sexual bodies or to others?

For the last two thousand years, sex has not only been stripped of it’s honorable place in the cycle of life, it has, and still is used as a weapon of manipulation. Why, still today, is the only acceptable form of female sexual expression a woman acting like a cat on heat? What has happened to genuine intimacy, innocent playfulness and deep feminine power? For many women these elements feel almost lost to them. The deep suppression of our innate sensuality has driven women to judge themselves and each other. It is understandable why so many of us are still carrying the old story of sexual guilt. 

Once we bring sexual energy back into health and birth we might see a very different story  of happiness and vitality unfolding for the feminine population.

In essence sexual energy is far more than primal pleasure and procreation; it is our life-force. It fuels and heals all aspects of our being. It is the root of our passionate creative energy. Being our place of power sexual energy deserves to be acknowledged, felt and honored. When we honor our sexuality we can cultivated deep trust and bonding within ourselves and our partner. Our sexual energy is also dependent on the story we hold in our bodies.It’s medicine is strong enough to heal nations. It is a truth potion; to suppress her voice is to create harm.

Our relationship to our sexual energy is the same as to our inner child, there is no separation. When we use our sexual energy to get attention, it is so often the inner child calling for love. Like all children she is only happy when she feels safe and filled with love. When we make love from the heart we allow our inner child the safety and freedom to be playful once again.

Follow your heart, explore the vulnerable side of your sexuality, be honest with yourself and your loved one, and relish the delight of life that it brings.




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