Today old wisdoms are re-emerging in new clothes and WomanThrive is on the forefront of this exciting wave. Women are change makers, truth seekers, lovers and connectors and we thrive on transformation.We are remembering that power is grace and life is passion. WomanThrive is a space for you to explore your relationship to your body, feminine organs and sexuality in a new way.

Here we uncover the unconventional aspects of a woman’s world; the things that we rarely discuss but really want to. The things that we commonly experience but we don’t know the words for. Inviting curiosity into this feminine realm allows our senses to wake up; and our sexual energy, once tabooed, to reclaim its true place as our vitality.

This Is Me

Kheyrne Danu is passionate about the human body, the stories it holds, the way it engages with the world and the ancient feminine pulse of life that moves through us all.

Her body has been her greatest teacher. Times of being immobilized by injury, illness or adrenal fatigue helped her to recreate her relationship to her body and the way she engaged with the world.

She has always been fascinated by the effects of physical movement as well as our relationship to nature.

“I feel the honesty of each experience is recorded in our cells along with the stories of our ancestors. I feel somatic work can bring deep graceful healing and truth to our consciousness allowing us to once again become present to the grace of the present moment. Cultivating a loving reverence towards the body can allow the sagacity of life to move through us, nourishing the body and fueling the heart.”

Kheyrne has the ability to bridge science and the sacred in a unique way. A combination of experience, study and passion have catalyzed a twenty year journey exploring the thread that connects sexual energy, body relationship, creative energy, pregnancy, birth, hormones, relationships, nourishment and nature.


Kheyrne was first drawn to working with creative expression and studied interior decorating and design. This soon gave way to her love for dance and her fascination with the healing arts. She became a teacher of tribal fusion belly dance and later a yoga teacher, kinesiologist, massage therapist, bodyworker, doula and health journalist. Kheyrne is also the creator of a medicinal smoothie range.

Today she falls under the umbrella of Women’s Embodiment Coach facilitating HormoneThrive Workshops and Womb Way Yoni Egg workshops.

Kheyrne is also the mother of baby Elléa Océane – her greatest inspiration!


We are here to learn, love, create and thrive.


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