Today old wisdoms are re-emerging in new clothes and WomanThrive is on the forefront of this exciting wave. Women are change makers, truth seekers, lovers and connectors and we thrive on transformation.We are remembering that power is grace and life is passion. WomanThrive is a space for you to explore your relationship to your body, feminine organs and sexuality in a new way.

Here we uncover the unconventional aspects of a woman’s world; the things that we rarely discuss but really want to. The things that we commonly experience but we don’t know the words for. Inviting curiosity into this feminine realm allows our senses to wake up; and our sexual energy, once tabooed, to reclaim its true place as our vitality.

This Is Me

I am fascinated by the human body, especially women’s bodies and the stories we hold within them. Especially the stories within our wombs and how they affect the way we engage with the world. I am most fascinated by the ancient feminine pulse of life that moves through us all.

As for my journey, well, my body was certainly my greatest teacher for forty years. Then my daughter arrived and she took over that role.

I won’t bore you with the details but I have been  immobilized on various occasions from injury, illness or adrenal fatigue. All of which helped me too eventually pay attention to the cries for emotional and spiritual healing that echoed from deep inside. I had a long journey with emotional instability in my twenties, it was scary. I didn’t understand what it was to be grounded or to be able trust myself, until the day my fairy godmother swooped in and helped me balance my hormonal chaos – et voila- sanity!

One of my greatest passions has always been dance. It’s also been one of the most emotionally and physically challenging experiences in my life. I love it, I’m not a natural, and the journey has brought up massive body judgements and issues around being a woman. I couldn’t be more grateful for the healing dance has catalyzed or the fun I now experience from it.

I’m a bit of a research geek and I have been following the sacred since my teens. I love marrying these two realms, I feel that’s a great way to discover a grounded perspective.

Want to know more?

I love food! Especially gluten free, sugar free chocolate brownies (I make ones even the biggest junk food addicts drool over!) One of the best parts about being a mom is I get to be silly all the time. Nature feeds me in so many ways, but I also love hanging out with my girl friends. Second hand clothing shops totally turn me on. And I miss performing belly dance purely because getting dressed up and playing with my ladies was so much fun.


I first studied interior decorating and design because I love creating beauty, but instead of a successful career I ended up becoming a belly dance teacher. I also did my yoga teacher training and kinesiology training. And later became a doula, massage therapist and bodyworker. Then I dived into health journalism.

 I’m also a walking ideas factory. Out of the million and one brilliant concepts that I gave away I also kept a few. I created a range of medicinal herb and superfood smoothie powders as well as a super comfortable baby carrier.

Today my passion is being a Women’s Embodiment Coach facilitating HormoneThrive and Womb Way Yoni Egg workshops. But my first passion is actually being mother to baby Elléa Océane – she is my greatest inspiration!


We are here to learn, love, create and thrive.

“I feel the honesty of each experience is recorded in our cells along with the stories of our ancestors. I feel the right somatic work can bring deep graceful healing and truth to our consciousness allowing us to become present to the grace of the moment. Cultivating a loving reverence towards the body can allow the sagacity of life to move through us, nourishing the body and fueling the heart.”


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